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Campaign Specific Rules

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Below are a list of Campaign Specific Rules that either new or differ from the normal Savage Worlds rules in some way. All of them have been added for a reason, many to help increase the mood of war, death, and desperation in the game. Enjoy!


New Rules

These are rules we have added to the core Savage Worlds rules. They are either rules completely invented, optional core rules we have decided to use, or special Tour of Darkness rules that deserve a special mention.


While this is not a "new" rule, it is a rule that is often ignored in most Savage Worlds games. It is in full use in this campaign.

Chain of Command

While it is not a mechanical rule, the fact is that the entire campaign is based around a military structure. This means following orders, possibly form other players. This is very different than most Role Playing games, and it is critical for the campaign to function. So, if you don't think you are capable of it, or plan to go against the grain, talk to the War Master about it.

Medical Supplies

Most Medics carry a Med Kit that contains supplies and tools. Using a kit adds +2 to the roll of anyone using it in conjunction with the Healing skill. But the kits do have many expendable items and these will run out after enough use. Each kit has 10 points worth of supplies. Using the kit uses up 1d4 points. The kits can be restocked at Base Supply, a hospital, or in a city. Villages may have some supplies (1d6 points), but will likely not give them up freely. This is a standard Tour of Darkness rule.


The military has the capacity to call in air support while on most missions. This standard Tour of Darkness rule allows characters to do just that. See the book for more details.

Rules Changes

These are core Savage Worlds rules that have been changed or altered in some way.

Character Creation

There are special limitations on Character Creation in this campaign that should be heeded, including minimum required Attributes and Skills, disallowed edges and Flaws, and special requirements for certain "roles", such as Medic, Machine-Gunner, and so on.


Players will begin each session with fewer Bennies. In addition, the only way to earn Bennies during a game is to "Bring a dark mood upon the game".

Military Rank

A character's Military Rank will be tracked throughout the campaign, but not exactly as written in the Tour of Darkness book.

Military Awards

A character may receive Military Awards after completing acts of courage and valor, but not exactly as written in the Tour of Darkness book.


The horrors of war, both natural and unnatural, can destroy a man right down to the core. Throughout the campaign, a character' Sanity will be tracked, and when these horrors of war are encountered, a character may loose some of his sanity. If his sanity drops too low, he may start developing... quirks. This will work as per the normal Tour of Darkness rules, except that sanity is not gained from successfully completing a mission.

Food and Water

The Tour of Darkness rules slightly change how food and water work, due to the specifics of the setting. Soldiers need to eat and drink enough out in the jungle to stay in top gear. All soldiers have canteens and water purification tablets, so dehydration is not normally a problem. But food is another story. Each field ration container weighs 2 lbs, and three of these are required each day to stay fed. Extras will gain a level of fatigue each day that they are not given full rations. Wild Cards only gain a level of fatigue if they fail to make a Vigor roll, made after 24 hours with less than full rations (-2 of less than half rations, -4 if no rations) and again every 12 hours after. No one can become incapacitated do to lack of food in the jungle, as there is always something to eat.

Marching and Heat

It can get hot out there in the jungle. To represent this, the Marching and Heat rules are slightly modified in this campaign.


Characters are assumed to be regularly spending their money on all sorts of things, plus saving some for when they get back. If a character ever needs to know how much money they have on hand, they should ask the War Master and he will let them know, but this money will not carry over from session to session (it is likely that the soldier spent it on something).