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List: Important Individuals

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Characters will meet many individuals in their tour of duty. Some of these individuals will only play a passing role in the lives of the soldiers, while others a much larger one. Below is a list of important individuals in the campaign.



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Character Pasts

All men have a past, and while most mens' pasts will not catch up with them out here, strange things do happen.

Karl Wagner

  • Dolores - An unknown woman in Karl's life.

Rolf Richter

  • Rolf's Father - Rolf Richter's father, who owns a mechanics shop.
  • Jim Richter - Rolf's brother.
  • Cheryl - An unknown woman in Rolf's life, with some relationship to his childhood.

Richard Perry

  • No known relations.

Jiro Sakai

  • Taro Sakai -Jiro's brother.
  • Jiro's Father
  • Jiro's Mother

Dean Reily

  • Mary Sue Reily(?) - The current target of Dean's affection.
  • Dylan Reily(?) - Dean's son through Mary Sue.
  • Franky Reily - Dean's younger brother, with some relationship to Cindy.
  • Cindy - An unknown woman in Dean's life, with some relationship to his brother Franky.


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Bravo Company 2nd Platoon

HQ Squad

  • Name - Description.

1st Squad

  • Name - Description.

2nd Squad

  • Name - Description.

3rd Squad

  • Name - Description.

Weapons Squad

  • Name - Description.

Bravo Company

HQ Platoon

  • Name - Description.

1st Platoon

  • Name - Description.

3rd Platoon

  • Name - Description.

3d Battalion

HQ Group

  • Name - Description.

Other Military

6th Special Forces Group

  • CPT Lang - Lang is a hardened veteran of war and has spent the last 18 months up in the mountains training the hill men.
  • LT Joniak - Joniak is a tall, slender man, who commonly takes care of relaying orders and tactically coordinating the Hill Men when needed.
  • SFC Lukareski - Lukareski usually keeps to himself, and is tasked with regularly training the Hill Men on a day to day basis.
  • SGT Rice - Rice is the newest member of the 6th SFG and takes care of whatever is needed.


Hill Men

  • Son Tai - The leader of the hill men under the command of the 6th SFG.

Village of Dak Tu Dap

  • Danh Huy - The village leader of the Dak Tu Dap village.
  • Pan Dao - A young boy who wanted to join up with the Americans when visited by the squad but forbidden to do so by his parents. After returning to the village, he did join up but seemingly significantly older.


  • Au Lac - Some sort of leader of the VC, assumed to be somewhere in the mountainous boarder regions between.
  • Thuan Thien - A local tax collector and VC recruiter seemingly working for Au Lac.