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List: Important Locations

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Characters will travel many places in their tour of duty. Some of these places will only play a passing role in the lives of the soldiers, while others a much larger one. Below is a list of important locations in the campaign.


Dak To

Dak To and the area around it is the central point of the campaign. To fight the influx of VC coming through Laos, the U.S. Army has positioned military forces in the area.

Bravo Company Forward Remote Base

This forward remote position is about 15 miles south-west of Dak To itself. It is the closest position the Army has officially established to the border of Laos and Cambodia, and it is the home of Bravo Company.

  • 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad Tent - This is the home away form home for the soldiers of 2nd Squad. With 8 stacked bunks (16 beds), one stand alone bed, 17 foot lockers, and 1 wall mounter mirror, this is where the squad spends most of its time. A BBQ grill is located about 20 yards from the tent's entrance, and behind the tent a make-shift tannery and butcher shop has been constructed to chop up and tan the hides of animals.
  • Helipad - Soldiers going anywhere on a chopper come and go from this point. While it does not always have choppers on the ready, they come in and out at least once a day, allowing soldiers to hop a ride with a bit of a wait.
  • Supply - The unofficial hub of the base, everybody who is anybody moves through here to get their gear for missions.
  • HQ Tent - The official hub of the base, the HQ tent is the point of origin of most orders, briefings, and bitchings, usually originating from the officers and passed down to the sergeants.
  • 2nd Platoon, Weapon Squad Tent - Sparsely populated, this tent houses any members of Weapon Squad who have not been assigned to a rifle squad and moved into their tent.
  • 2nd Platoon, HQ Squad Tent - Also sparsely populated, this tent houses any members of HQ Squad who have not been assigned to a rifle squad and moved into their tent.

Dak To (outlying area)

The outlying area around Dak To contains many different locations form small villages to ancient ruins, and most everything strange seems to get found out here.

  • Temple/Ruins - This temple, seemingly an ancient Buddhist temple, was only seen once. Upon returning to the site it was nothing but broken and crumbled stones, seemingly lying on the ground for centuries.
  • Ho Chi Min Trail - A primary route the VC use to enter South Vietnam, it covers several hundred square miles of land, and is riddled with VC.
  • Dak Tu Dap - This small village is right along the Ho Chi Min trail, and is often forced to aid the VC. Though, 2nd Squad proceeded with a hearts and Minds mission to the village and seemed to make head-way with the chief.
  • Sa Loong - This small village, generally friendly to US forces, has put up a strong resistance to VC influences, and has taken serious losses as a result. The Army Corp of Engineers helped them build a palisade around the village, which was later damaged during a firefight the village had with second squad. Their current disposition toward US troops is uneasy due to the "misunderstanding".
  • Ro Koi -
  • K’Ram -

12th Infantry Dak To Base

This base is the parent to the Bravo Company remote position, containing far more troops and supplies.

Dak To (City)

The city of Dak To is a moderately large city with the capacity to handle the "needs of the troops almost as well as Saigon, and likely a bit cheaper.


Saigon is the cultural and economic hub of South Vietnam. Soldiers are most often here on leave, spending their hard earned cash on all sorts of "luxuries". But, in some more rare cases, soldiers are in Saigon dealing with the brass.

Tan Son Nhut Air Base

The "air base" is actually the military hub of of Vietnam, housing the operations of the highest brass in-country.

  • Helipad - Soldiers on leave usually find themselves coming and going from this location. Getting a lift is usually pretty easy, as long as there is not a rush, which usually happens when a lot of soldiers are all trying to get back to the same base at once, at the end of their leave. So, avoid waiting 'till the last minute.

Saigon Slums

The area outside of the Tan Son Nhut Air Base is crawling with prostitutes, bars, pick-pockets, and other establishments and individuals that have sprung up to accommodate the "needs" of the soldiers.

  • Sleepy Kitten (translated) - This bar/hotel caters to the U.S troops in the area, offering them a cheap place to eat, drink, and sleep. The owner and proprietor, Mr. Dao Peng, will look the other way form almost anything as long as he gets a few dollars in return.


Laos is a small country that has become a common route into South Vietnam. It is generally out-of-reach of the US Army, though border skirmishes, and more, have occurred, both on and off the books.

  • VC Base - This small base of operations, right over the boarder in the mountains of Laos, was destroyed by 2nd Squad during a Black Ops mission with the 6th SFG.