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Marching and Heat

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Marching Effects

Roll: Must make Vigor check every 4 hours; Failure causes 1 level of fatigue.

Incapacitation: Heat stroke. Make a vigor check; Failure causes brain damage reducing Smarts and Strength by 1, permanently.

Recovery: An hour of rest with 1 quart of water will recover 1 fatigue level. If incapacitated, 4 hours of rest is needed to no longer be incapacitated.

Situation Vigor

Roll Mods

Encumbrance Penalty -X
Every 5 degrees over 90 -1
Less than 1 quart of water drank -1
Helmet Worn -1
Flack Vest Worn -1
No breaks taken -1
More than 1 hour total of breaks taken +1
Majority of time in shade +1

Marching Speed

Movement speed is [½ Pace] MPH and assumes 5 minutes worth of breaks per hour. Various modifiers can adjust this speed as described below, though the speed is never reduced to less than 0.5 MPH.

Situation Speed


No breaks +1 MPH
15+ minutes of breaks -1 MPH
Rough terrain -1 to -3 MPH
Road +1 MPH
Careful (Half-Movement) ½ Speed