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Military Rank

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A new stat is being added called “Promotion Points”, which keep track of your progress in the Military Rankings. The more Promotion Points you have, the closer you are to promotion. Your Promotion Points can never go below 0. Only Wild Cards should keep track of Promotion Points.

Once achieving a new rank (also when starting a new character), your Promotion Points are reset to:

10 ± (Charisma Modifier * 2)

At the end of each mission, the War Master will award you Promotion Points based on the table below, which are added to your existing Promotion Points. Then you roll a D20 and add your Promotion Points to the result. A roll of 40+ means you have been promoted.

Promotion Circumstance Modifier
E1 - E2 +3
E3 or O1 +1
E6+ or O4+ -1
Easy Mission +0
Routine Mission +1
Difficult Mission +2
Failed Mission -2
Purple Heart +2
Group Leader Points +X

Group Leader Points

Group leader points represent the leader of the group giving credit to certain individuals on the mission via his formal report, his debriefing, and general word of mouth. The leader is given a number of Promotion Points to distribute amongst his troops. The leader may distribute the points in any amount to any wild cards on the mission, including himself (a leader can always take the credit). The number of points the leader gets is determined by the table below.

Circumstance Modifier
Number of Wildcards in Group +(X/2)
Group Leader's Charisma Modifier +/-X
Easy Mission -1
Difficult Mission +1
Failed Mission -3


Non-wild cards do not accumulate promotion points. Instead, anytime a non-wild card character sees significant action in the session, make a roll for them, and if they get the required result, they are promoted.

Individual Roll Result
E1 - E3 or O1 D10 10
E4+ or O2+ D20 20